Haldiram distributorship margin MARKETING OVERVIEW OF HALDIRAM’S

Haldiram’s has developed a strong distribution network to ensure the widest possible reach for its products in India as well as overseas. From the manufacturing unit, the company’s finished goods are passed on to the carrying & forward (C&F) agent. C&F agents passes on the products to distributors, who ship them to retail outlets. While the Delhi unit of Haldiram’s has 25 C&F agents and 700 distributors in India, the Nagpur unit has 25 C&F agents and 375 distributors. Haldiram’s also has 35 sole distributors in the international market. The Delhi and Nagpur units together cater to 0.6 millions retail outlets in India.
· C&F agents receive a commission of around 5% while distributors earn margins ranging from 8% to 10%. The retail outlets earn margins from 14% to 30%. At retail outlet level, margins vary according to the weight of packs sold. Retailers earn more margins ranging from 25% to 30% by selling 30gms pouches (priced at Rs.5) compared to the packs of higher weights.  Apart from the exclusive showrooms owned by Haldiram’s, the company offers its products through retail outlets such as supermarkets, sweet shops, provision stores, bakeries and ice cream parlors. The products are also available in
public places such as railway stations and bus stations that account for a sizeable amount of its sales.  Haldiram’s products enjoy phenomenal goodwill and stockists compete with each other to stock its products. Moreover sweet shops and bakeries stock Haldiram’s products despite the fact that the company’s products compete with their own products.

everyone loves Haldiram products as they have a wide variety of products. The range includes
namkeens, sweets sharbat, bakery items, dairy products, chips, pappad, and ice creams.
Not only this, Haldiram’s has expertise in customizing the product according to the taste of people. For
example, it launched ‘Murukkus’, a south Indian snack and Chennai mixture for south Indian customers.
The strong distribution network works as icing on the cake. Having more than 400 products, the family-
owned business has seen an appreciable increase in the number of product lines, segments, retail
chains, and stores covering markets overseas.
These efforts not only increase its fame and clients but also makes it a profitable niche to invest in.
Do you know Haldiram has 35 sole distributors in the international market? Also, Delhi and Nagpur
together have 0.6 million outlets in India.
Investing with such a huge and famous brand is a golden opportunity for any individual.
If you are also looking to invest in a no-loss zone, investing in Haldiram to become its distributor is no
doubt a good option.
More about Haldiram distributorship
A distributor earns margin ranging from 8-10%. It’s not difficult to get Haldiram’s distributorship. 

Youcan visit any Haldiram website and go to the contact section. Fill a form with basic details and submit. Our team will get back to you shortly. It’s just you need to follow certain eligibility criteria. Eligibility criteria
You should have at least 1215 sq. ft. of space. The amount of investment depends on the location and cost.

How can I get haldiram distributorship?
To open a Haldiram Distributorship, you will have to contact our company. The least we need from you is 1215 per square feet of space to open a franchise dealership. For more info contact us now.

Haldiram Delhi head Office contact number


Toll-Free 1800 212 9171